Have around 30 years’ wide-ranging experience in government, United Nations and Private Sector in financial management, financial policy making, resource mobilization, business development, human resource management, planning and development, monitoring and evaluation, in research at   secretariat and field.

CEO has been dealing with procurements of goods and services, review of procurement policies and team building. Have wider skill of result based management, strategic partnership building and Coordination, Appropriate and timely coordination between inter and intra-departments of govt. (e.g. multi-sectoral development programs), planning, implementation, management of civil affairs, monitoring and sustainability through optimal resource utilization, cost & time saving, utilization of donor funds for economic development. I have around 27 published research papers, reform based strategies and policy papers including papers in the area of industrial development, business development, Public Finance, Economics of Governance, Developmental Economics, government strategies and policies.

Provided leadership to develop teams, trust, and delegation of power. Developed progressively at higher levels, and represented the departments at Provincial Cabinet, Chief Minister, Governor, Prime Minister, Speaker of Assemblies, Senate, National Assembly (NA), Standing Committees of Senate and N.A. of Pakistan, Public Accounts Committees etc.

The CEO has carried out a number of projects and activities, few are highlighted below;


Extending advisory services for business development and planning and execution of following projects:

  • Business development strategy for expansion of Colarus Group Toronto Canada.
  • Agro farming specially fish farming, in Bhunja Valley Kaghan Pakistan.  
  • Construction of “State of the art shopping malls at Gujranwala” Pakistan.
  • Development of tourist resorts in hilly areas of Haripur; Capital Hills Housing Project.
  • Business Developing of Detergent and Soap production Units by Washer Super Power Group at Rawalpindi Pakistan.
  • Advisory services in the national economy to the Government of Pakistan in Economic Survey of Pakistan 2022-23.
  • Got distinction from FR Germany on Silver Jubilee of German Assistance to Pakistan being most impacted project for last 50 Years” Pak German Furniture Industries”.
  • Initiated development of 5 numbers of New Industrial estates for promotion of industries, investments, employment and natural resource utilization in KPK and establishment of Industrial Estate in Malakand Division through subsidized electricity supply, establishment of leather goods training center in Hazara Division KPK.
  • Prepared and implemented SIDB Development Strategy 2010; increased development portfolio by more than 2000%, enabled to set 30% higher annual targets and turned deficit running organization to surplus budget. The Strategy is based on reforms from Pyramid Structure to Umbrella Structure, partnerships with public, private and community based organizations and access to latest technology.
  • Formulated and implemented “Social Protection Strategy for Workers 2013” and “Employment Strategy based on Social Capital” for Government of KP Labor Department, which would enable targeting social protection and employment of all the workers in all the sectors for improved governance/development.
  • Assisted for improved governance, business development, industries, trades , development & economic growth through framing Policy Development Unit UNDP for review of existing policies and introduction of new policies reforms, and restructuring in FATA Pakistan development.
  • Return and rehabilitation strategy for IDPs of FATA, devising strategy for reconstruction and rehabilitation of whole FATA, including recovery and rehabilitation of IDPs of North Waziristan Pakistan.
  • Formulated following Strategies for 230 million people of Pakistan ;
  • Strategy for Mineral Sector Development in Pakistan, Planning Commission of Pakistan (2018).
  • Framework for SME Sector Development in Planning Commission of Pakistan. (2018).
  • Dealt with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in Pakistan for planning and development, implementation and monitoring of all of it’s related projects.
  • As a Coordinator One UN Program have successfully completed a number of projects of around 300 million $ which are related to different sectors like forestry, small industries, finance , planning, funding, UN projects etc.
  • 10 Billion Tree Plantation Financing Strategy, Government and Planning Commission of Pakistan. (2018).
  • Contributed to improvement of national ranking for “Cost of Doing Business” in Pakistan.

Maintained close contact with regulatory department like Law department, Finance Department, Establishment Department and Provincial Assembly etc for improvement of the standards of labour and labour laws, including international organizations i.e ILO and UN agencies dealing with labor, child labor, bonded labor, gender development, social protection, employment.
Maintained close contact through share of information, building of relationship and coordination with all local stakeholders; government institutions, international organizations like USAID, DFID, UNOCHA, UNHCR, UNICEF for improved governance, development/economic growth.
Coordinate with UNDSS, WHO, ILO, etc., locally-based institutions, economic organizations and the private sector specially related to industries, trades and skill development.
Devised Strategy for Pandemic Management 2020.
Mobilized resources from Italian donor for Bio Gas Project through tri-partied partnership for income raising, gender development and poverty reduction.

  • Wrote paper on Appraisal of PSDP Projects Implementation, M/O PD&R. (2018).
  • Framework for Optimization of Projects Implementation, M/O PD&R. (2018)
  • Advised and recommended to Reforms working Group on Governance and Institutions, Preparation of Vision 2025, and 11th 5 Year Plan 2013-2018, Planning Commission of Pakistan; improved governance.
  • Made saving of Millions of $ contributing in implementation of policies, laws, rules, procedures pertaining to procurements, contracting, out sourcing, financial management, resource mobilization, budgets, development, related to all the projects ( around 1100 number amounting to Billions of $) of Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms Government of Pakistan.
  • Contributed in Economic Survey of Pakistan 2022-2023, a national planning and financial plan.
  • Initiated establishment of satellite monitoring system for improvement of monitoring of projects in remote and terrorists prone areas of Baluchistan a, FATA Tribal Areas and KP regions of Pakistan.
  • Supervised; placement, monitoring and career management of human resource in the Departments of Finance, Planning, Audit and Accounts for 24 districts and FATA government of KP.
  • Formulated and implemented Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of Establishment Department, all Departments of Government KP for improved governance (2016-17)
  • Imparting technical training and education facilities to different people across the province for industries, trades etc.
  • Member of Senate and Syndicates of all the 23 Universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, approves financial management, resource mobilization, budgets, development, establishment and finance.
  • Constituted Service Rule for Human Resources Management of University of Engineering Peshawar.
  • Established more than 30 training and skill development centers for women employment in KP Pakistan.
  • While working as Secretary Establishment Department Government of KP Pakistan, contributed to following laws: Whistle Blower Law 2017, Conflict of Interest law 2017, Ehtesab Law.
  • Contributed and associated with Cabinet Committees on the following legislature rules for improved governance, development & economic growth.
    a)KP Ehtesab Commission Rules,2017
    b)KP Whistle Blowers Rules, 2017
    c)KP Conflict Of Interest Rules,2017
    d)KP Anti-Corruption Rules,2017
    e)KP Rules Of Business.2017
  • Proposed and initiated development of National Fund for “War on Terror”, with 1% contribution from NFC Pakistan.
  • Prepared and implemented Out of Box Strategy of Revenue Expansion for local and provincial resource generation including tax and non-tax receipts for government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (population around 23 million)
  • Increased Government of KP revenues/receipts by 20 % despite worst law & order situation (2009-10).
  • Establishment of Taxation Cell in Excise & Taxation Department, KP (2009).
  • Prepared & presented historically largest Finance Bill 2009-10, in KPK Provincial Assembly.
  • Saved millions of rupees through improved system of procurement, contracting, effective monitoring and utilization of IT tools; improved governance/economic growth.
  • Changed old Disbursement System to online system, saved time, cost, improved service delivery time, cleared 1000 cases pendency; improved governance/economic growth.
  • Managed collection of Benevolent Fund subscription of around 500,000 employees , from Accountant General Office ; funds management and investment of around 150 million $ in Government of KP.
  • As secretary to the Fund Management committee have been dealing with investment and management of around 2 billion $ Pension and General Provident Fund government of KP.
  • Business development strategy for expansion of Colarus Group Toronto Canada.
  • Agro farming specially fish farming, in Kaghan Valley Pakistan.  
  • Development of tourist resorts in hilly areas of Haripur and Kaghan valley. 

Developing of Detergent and Soap production Units at Hattar Pakistan.
Advisory services in the national economy to the Government of Pakistan.

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